On this page, I am gathering a collection of some of the poetry, the little pieces of music, pictures, art, words, and knowledge, that I've gathered over the past years -- especially since I've started coming closer to Judaism and its timeless tradition. There is no specific form, for now, just a free-flowing collection of my humble gatherings; like the flowering, spiralling, leaves of nature, I think something might emerge out of it. I hope to include, at some point, my friends' work too. 

I hope that I can bring to you a little of the light, the eternal inspiration, that I've felt fill my life, by the grace of heaven. 

seeds from the tree

pomegranate seeds,

fruit straight from the tree -- each soul a jewel, a crown, waiting to be shown, to be seen. 


you have what it takes to succeed,

just be quiet for a second, shema, listen. 

there is a new king in town, a new royal decree -- 

be free! 

thinking, the winds


there are days of longing

and days of belonging --

days of being there

and days of not being all together, together

there are times when one cries without reason

and sings with the seasons

and there are times and days when everything is falsehood and vanity

and in the blink of an eye, vanity becomes reality;

graspable, tangible, immovable, eternal, G-dly.

and one finds oneself where one always has been,

there, sitting, sailing, dreaming,

glancing at the passing winds.