G-d speaks to Noah, after the flood: 
  "And I will establish my Covenant with You, and never again will all flesh be cut off by the flood waters, and there will never again be a flood to destroy the earth.
   and G-d said, 'This is the sign of the covenant I am making between me and you and between every living soul that is with you, for everlasting generations. My rainbow I have placed in the cloud, and it shall be for a sign of the covenant between Myself and the earth...' 

                                    Genesis 9:12 - 13


             a rainbow. a rainbow. 

           light diffused, refracted, into the colors of the visible spectrum;   the folds of creation opened up to reveal that which hides within.

a sign of the miraculoussness that undergirds our existence,

 a reminder of the beauty just beyond sight, just beyond touch.

  a testimony lest we forget all that is hidden to our eyes — all that which upkeeps our every breath, our every movement, our entire life. In a snap, we could be gone, washed away by the flood.  


Everyone stops to look at the rainbow — yet, a moment's thought reveals that the beauty of its colors surrounds us everyday, everywhere we walk. 

See the rainbow. remember. 


the height of the mountain can only be determined by its lowest point — 

light defined only by the darkness, 

our lives are penned with the ink of our pains and our cries —

but in the end, the words, the story, when it is written,

shall read as the most transcendent tale of perfected beauty, incomparable delight. 

faith: to know darkness is only a mechanism for the expression of the light. 


dense entrappings, tumors of emotional baggage, withheld, hoarded, in the innermost chambers of the self —
   arrogance, ego, anxiety, blocking their undoing, their removal; 

      day by day, silence, negligence, ignorance, fear feeds. 

      day by day, the tumor grows.

 speak! speak ! —this is the solution, do not be afraid. you think you are the only one who hides these things?

to speak, to verbalize — this makes all the difference: the beginning of release, of power, of healing. 

come together with others, converse with each other — why do you hide? 

if we all speak, our worries, our problems, then, who, what, stands against us? 

speak and you'll see how small it truly was. 

merely one grand collective work of disentangling the great human big ball of yarn.