one goal.

The total surrender to the journey of seeking truth, to the nourishing and flourishing of the creative word, is not an easy one. To dive into the unknown, into the realms of the unseen and undefined, requires courage. One must sustain one's entire being from an internal source no other can see or touch. One must take each step in the light of a hidden compass that points to an invisible, intangible, north.


To take this leap means to leave behind all tangible structures that have been neatly set for one's sustenance and physical survival. It means to leave behind all set paths and to tread into the great wilderness of the uncharted and unexplored. It is not always easy — but my desire is to be able to dedicate more and more of my time to this search, to fully taking this plunge and sustaining myself only from it. 

This drive is guided by a compass that is completely within — yet this project is not in the least a selfish one. On the contrary: the sense is that by taking this plunge I shall bring back something that can nourish all. The hope is that through my quest I help to awaken the spark within each one of you that will get you walking. The support given here is not solely for my physical sustenance, it is for the birthing of this small dream I have: to help inspire the birthing of another million projects, another million dreams. Furthermore, one who supports a Torah scholar gets a portion in the light they generate; for they have helped fuel and sustain the process of spiritualizing and filling the world with g-dliness.


I ask for your aid in this journey, to uncover the very secrets of being, to help bring everyone together through the discover  — the only one I can hope to take. 

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