a path to the garden....

The purpose of this project is to create a platform for the exploration of the Torah, spirituality, and how  we can succeed in creating the best life possible for ourselves.  The Torah is a broad-term that includes all of Jewish text, but it refers explicitly to the Chumash - the five books of Moses, as will be explained in the first volume. My aim is to share some of what I've learned in my transition from a secular life to a life immersed in the words and knowledge of this ancient, rich, and ineffably beautiful scriptural tradition. The aim is to expand the creative horizon as much as possible -- to find through the seemingly ancient something fresh, new, and absolutely innovative: to drink from the timeless waters of beauty and wisdom of the Book of Life and G-d's word. Through this, I hope all readers can take something that will truly and deeply transform their experience of everyday life.

The format is to evolve, I expect and I hope, as the project goes along -- for now, there are no constrictions, be it in terms of time or arrangement. I wish only to write, to explore, to formulate a holistic, all-encompassing, immersion into the mysteries of life, philosophy, religion, mysticism, heaven, earth, and everything in between. 


Important note: the use of the pronoun 'He' for G-d throughout these volumes is not indicative in any way of the gender of the G-d. For indeed, Judaism holds that the creator is beyond any such dualities: this is merely out convention, especially due to the way Hebrew and its pronouns work. 

tzfat, israel